Encapsulated Wire Brushes

Encapsulated wire brushes provide an aggressive cutting action for heavy deburring, surface blending, surface preparation, rubber and plastic flash removal, and weld preparation. The wires are bonded in place with a synthetic elastomer that wears away gradually during use, exposing a short length of the wires. Encapsulated brushes are most effective on relatively flat surfaces or where a controlled brushing surface is required, and at temperatures below 180°F. When replacing a normal wire brush, the next smaller size of wire will produce approximately the same results.

Encapsulation is available in medium and hard durometers, and is offered on wheel brush, cup brush, and end brush formats with steel and stainless steel wire. Brass or bronze wire fill is available on special request.

Encapsulated Wire Wheel brushesEncapsulated Wire Wheel brushesEncapsulated Wire Wheel brushes are available in a wide range of sizes from our Rivet Ring copper-center wheel brushes (1 ¼” to 3” diameter), to our Perma-Plate fixed arbor hole brushes (4” to 12” diameters), and our crimped wire Stringer Bead design in 6” and 7” diameter with a 3/16” face width.

Encapsulated Wire Cup brushesEncapsulated Wire Cup brushesEncapsulated Wire Cup brushes are available in a high speed Mini-Grinder format (2 ¾” diameter), a Utility Cup brush (2 ¾” diameter) format with a ¼” shank, and in our Standard Duty Cup brush (4” and 6” diameters).


Encapsulated Wire End brushesEncapsulated Wire End brushes are available in our Solid Fill End brush design (diameters ½”, ¾”, and 1”) and in our Spot Facer Drill Brush design (½”, ¾” and 1 1/8” diameters).

Not all combinations of diameter, wire size and brush format are maintained as stock items. Lead time on non-stock items may add an additional 4-6 weeks to the normal manufacturing time.