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Industrial Brush Manufacturing: Our standard Power Brushes and Maintenance Brushes, custom-designed Conveyor Cleaning Brushes, and Strip Brush Seals are sold primarily to Industrial Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Custom Equipment Builders, and Commercial End Users in a wide variety of industries, and are manufactured in the following categories:

Cylinder Brush
Cylinder Brushes
Strip Brush
Strip Brushes
Wheel Brush
Wheel Brushes
Cup Brush
Cup Brushes
Twisted Knot Brush
Twisted Knot Brushes
End Brush
End Brushes
Hand & Maintenance Brush
Hand & Maintenance Brushes
Twisted In Wire Brush
Twisted In Wire Brushes

Conveyor Cleaning

Conveyor Oven
Cleaning Brushes

Centerless Grinder

Custom brush designs come in two broad categories:

  • Wide-face cylinder brushes for conveyor cleaning, surface preparation, surface finishing, scrubbing, dusting, applying, and polishing.
  • Strip brushes, both straight and formed, to serve as brush seals, passive wiping mechanisms or flexible machine guards against light, heat, mist or flying chips.

In addition, Spiral Brushes Inc. offers an extensive line of stock and custom configurable industrial power brushes and maintenance brushes. These include wheel brushes, cup brushes, end brushes, twisted-knot brushes, tube brushes, and various maintenance style brushes. Wire brushes are available filled with carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze wire. Most styles of power brushes are also available with synthetic fill materials, such as nylon, abrasive nylon, or polypropylene, as well as horsehair and Tampico fiber. Other more exotic types of wire brushes and special materials brushes are available for specific applications.
You can rely on us to stock a broad selection of the most popular power and maintenance brushes, and to offer reasonable lead times on Specials and custom designed brushes. We also welcome Industrial Distributor, Integrated Supply, OEM, Custom Equipment Design, and Industrial Engineering and Maintenance inquiries.