Industrial Brushes

Spiral Brush designs manufactures and supplies a broad variety of industrial brushes and brush products. Cylinder Brushes and Strip Brushes¬†are made to customer specifications, with application assistance provided as needed. Power brushes, including Wheel Brushes, Cup Brushes, End Brushes, and Twisted In Wire Brushes are standard products and are available in the most popular combinations of size and fill material. Spiral Brush offers variations of the standard industrial power brush products, also known as specials or special brushes, to meet customers’ individual requirements. This flexibility to customize is a hallmark of Spiral Brushes’ service. Our lead times on special brushes are normally 3 to 5 weeks, far shorter than our competition.

Cylinder Brush
Cylinder Brushes
Strip Brush
Strip Brushes
Wheel Brush
Wheel Brushes
Cup Brush
Cup Brushes
Twisted Knot Brush
Twisted Knot Brushes
End Brush
End Brushes
Hand & Maintenance Brush
Hand & Maintenance Brushes
Twisted In Wire Brush
Twisted In Wire Brushes

Conveyor Cleaning

Conveyor Oven
Cleaning Brushes

Centerless Grinder