Pipeline Inspection Brushes / Inline MFL

Magnetic flux leakage inspection (MFL) is a nondestructive testing method used to detect corrosion and pitting that causes pipeline leaks. MFL uses an inline inspection tool called a Pipeline Inspection Gauge, or PIG, to travel through the pipeline. Central to the proper operation of a Pipeline Inspection PIG is a wire brush that is combined in an assembly with rare earth magnets and sensors to create a magnetic circuit used for diagnostic purposes. The performance of your PIG depends on a quality brush that will hold up to the rigorous demands of pipeline testing.


Spiral Brushes manufactures coil brushes and pencil brushes used for inline pipeline inspection applications. All of our pipeline inspection brushes are individually designed and manufactured according to desired specifications. Coil Brushes can be slotted to allow for liquid bypass and beveled for ease of loading into the pipeline. Wire densities can be varied to achieve desired magnetic transference, support for the weight of the PIG device, friction against the pipe wall and flexibility.

  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized or Plated Steel, Brass or Bronze
  • Flat Wire and Synthetic Materials Also Available
  • Crimped, Level, or Wire Rope Styles
  • Wire Sizes from .003″ to .035″


Spiral Brush’s engineers are familiar with wire technology developments in stainless steel and coated and uncoated steel that offer improved performance in elevated temperatures and corrosive environments. Our years of experience in the pipeline industry allow us to custom manufacture products addressing the varied needs of aggressiveness, fatigue resistance, magnetism, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with pipe wall materials and coatings. To learn more about custom wire brushes for pipeline inspection, or to request a quote, contact Spiral Brushes for more information.