About Spiral Brushes

Spiral Brushes was founded in Cleveland Ohio in 1939, using German machinery technology to make strip brushes (brush seals) and helically wound cylinder brushes. The company held rights to a patent (#no. 2021768) from a German machine developer.

The company continues to manufacture brushes based on this technology to service the requirements of specialty equipment manufacturers, as well as production facilities in a number of industries. Spiral Brush has expanded from this base to include a broad line of brushes for use with powered industrial equipment such as bench grinders, angle grinders, hand-held drills, drill-presses, and CNC and robotic equipment of various types. We are distinguished by our ability to custom design and manufacture brushes to fit specific applications. We stock a wide range of wire, synthetic, and natural materials.

Although there have been numerous ownership transitions over the past 65 years, the company remains privately owned. Spiral Brushes employs between 25 and 35 employees with considerable experience and expertise. The company is currently in pursuit of ISO 9000/2000 certification. Our quality policy is similar to our mission statement:

SPIRAL BRUSHES, INC. is dedicated to meeting customer requirements for standard and custom-designed industrial brushes. We are in business to satisfy our customers by delivering reliable brush products and application design services in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We maintain a reputation for high quality products and services by working to continually improve our processes, products, and performance, and by maintaining good working relationships with customers and suppliers.

A network of manufacturers’ representatives across the United States provide service to our industrial distributors. The company is a member of the American Brush Manufacturers Association. abmacol

Headquarters Office and Plant:
Spiral Brushes, Inc.
1355 Commerce Drive
Stow, OH 44224-1736

Customer Service/Inside Sales: Chuck Nichols sales@spiralbrushes.com