Stainless Steel Wire Brushes

Stainless Steel Wire Wheel BrushWire brushes made from stainless steel wire are suitable for work on stainless steel and aluminum fabricated products, and for use in direct food-contact applications, in higher heat situations, and in environments where the brush wire may be exposed to moisture or high humidity on a repeated basis. We feature 304 Stainless Steel wire to offer a higher analysis wire to customers working on either 302 0r 304 stainless workpieces.


Stainless Steel Cylinder BrushStainless steel wire is generally recommended for continuous operating temperatures up to 600°F. Temperatures above this level call for a more specialized wire such as Inconel (600).

Stainless steel wire can be supplied in the following types of brushes: cylinder brush, metal back strip brush, auger brush, wheel brush, centerless brush, copper-center small diameter wheel brush, knot-wheel brush, cup brush, knot-cup brush, minigrinder brush, end brush, spot-facer brush, tube-cleaning or twisted in wire brush, and stapleset brush.

Within our product line and available materials, the following types of Stainless Steel wire are available:

Wire Type Designation Description Size Range Typical Uses Applications
304 Stainless: Crimped Our Standard Stainless Wire; High Fatigue, Hard Drawn, Non-magnetic 0.0035″ through 0.0204″ diameter Cylinder Brushes, Brush Seals, Wheel brushes, Cup Brushes, End brushes Stainless steel fabrications, high heat situations such as oven conveyor brushes.
304 Stainless Straight Wire Our Standard Stainless Wire; High Fatigue, Hard Drawn, Non-magnetic 0.0118″ through 0.0230″ diameter Twisted Knot Wheel and Cup brushes Weld Preparation on stainless steel substrates
316 Stainless A Premium Stainless for Special Situations; Hard Drawn, Non-magnetic Stocked in 0.006″ and 0.008″ diameters. Other sizes on special order. Special order, ultra-high corrosion resistance 316 Stainless fabrications