Tampico Cylinder Brushes

Spiral Brushes offers custom tampico cylinder brushes and a variety of other natural fiber cylindrical brushes manufactured from vegetable fibers. Tampico fiber is harvested from the Agave Lechuguilla plant growing wild in Mexico, and offers superior water absorption and retention, compared to synthetic filaments. Tampico cylinder brushes also provide good heat resistance, and are rated for a maximum wet operating temperature of 400°F. Cylindrical tampico brushes can be used either wet or dry for scrubbing, washing, polishing, and dusting. Tampico fibers can be also treated to make them stiff and tacky for the application of grease stick and abrasive compounds.

Mounted to contact a conveyed product, tampico cylinder brushes can function as an applicator of wet or dry coatings or as a driven scrub brush to remove loose material. Inserted into a paddle wheel style cylinder brush assembly for conveyor cleaning or polishing applications, tampico brush strips allow you to perform brush refills in-house. When wrapped around a shaft to form a wide face cylinder brush, a tampico filled strip brush becomes a scrubbing or polishing brush capable of covering a broad work surface.

Tampico Cylinder Brush Fill Options

Synthetic alternatives to a tampico cylinder brush have been developed in the past few years. Consideration may be given to each of these when choosing brush fill materials. For special applications, mixtures of tampico and horsehair, wire and tampico, or other combinations can be provided.

To learn more about tampico cylinder brushes, view our Spiral Brushes catalog PDF catalog or contact us.

Mounting Options for Tampico Cylinder Brushes:

  • Shaft: We can manufacture a solid or tubular shaft to your drawings or specifications, or you can supply you own shaft. Shafts may include keyways as required for drive purposes. Tampico cylindrical brushes can be welded directly to the shaft or secured by means of metal clips attached to the shaft. Brushes mounted on a shaft are typically refillable as long as the shaft remains in good condition.
  • Throw-Away Core: For the convenience of easy replacement, we can assemble the cylinder brush on an economical thin wall tube with end-bushings to be mounted onto the customer’s driven shaft. Rather than maintaining a spare brush on hand and returning the entire worn brush for refill, simply order a new brush and install it in the place of the old brush.
  • Refillable Core: For a more economical long term solution, the core can be made from heavier wall tube and can be returned for refill multiple times. The shaft or journals may be an integral part of the core design or may be removable for ease of replacement. Refilling saves the cost of remaking the shaft or core.
  • Unmounted Brush Refill: Customers may choose to buy the loose wound brush coil to mount on their own shaft or cores.
  • Dynamic Balancing: For cylinder brushes operating at higher speeds, in excess of 350 to 500 revolutions per minute and depending on size and weight considerations, dynamic balancing may be recommended to reduce vibration and improve the consistency of brushing action.
  • Crating: Due to weight, size, and other shipping considerations, cylinder brushes over a certain size will be considered for packaging in a wooden crate which may be reused for future refill transportation purposes. This determination is made at the time of brush design, and the cost of the crate is quoted separately.

To learn more about cylinder brush mounting options, contact us.

Contact Spiral Brush for Your Cylindrical Tampico Brush Needs

Our engineers and experienced customer service associates work with you to understand the application, the material to be brushed, the desired finish, the operating environment, and the equipment on which your tampico cylinder brush will be installed. We will help you to determine the appropriate core, shaft, channel size and brush materials, establish power requirements, a recommended range of operating speed, and determine the need for dynamically balancing the cylinder brush. To learn more about tampico cylinder brushes, or to request a quote, contact Spiral Brushes today.