Industrial Power Brush Safety Tips

Industrial power brushes are rotating cutting tools that must always be operated with certain safety precautions. All operators of power brushes should be familiar with “Safety Requirements For The Design, Care, and Use of Power Driven Brush Tools”, ANS B165.1. A summary of this statement is provided with each shipment, and additional copies are available upon request.

It is important that any user of industrial brushes read and observe the complete safety information provided.  Several key safety considerations for powered brush use are provided below:

Inspection: Upon receipt, inspect brushes for signs of transportation damage. Do not use damaged brushes.

Storage and Handling: Store your industrial brushes in their original packaging or an equivalently protective container. Do not expose a wire bristled industrial brush to high humidity, heat, acids, fumes, water, or other liquids which might adversely affect it.

Do not allow brush fill or components to become distorted. Symmetry is an important consideration in maintaining a “true” spinning¬† rotation. Even mild deviations from round, can cause am imbalanced condition leading to unnecessary shifting when power is applied to the brush. An imbalanced condition becomes even more pronounced when the brush is rotated at high speeds. Similarly, it is also unsafe to operate a powered industrial brush if a portion of the fill material is missing.

Do not allow foreign material to accumulate on or become lodged in the brush face. As with the issues above, an imbalance leading to orbital shift of the brush can occur when one portion of the brush surface is weighted by residue from your cleaning job.

Be sure to remove the brush from a chuck or disengage the power source before attempting to clean any foreign matter out of the brush face material.

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