Stainless Steel Strip Brushes

Stainless steel strip brushes can be used for a number of purposes in manufacturing and production environments. Stainless steel strip brushes feature a formable metal structural element known as the channel base and stainless steel wire brush fill that can be varied by trim length, density, and flexibility.

For a custom quote on stainless steel strip brushes, start by selecting a channel size from the chart below:

Strip Brush Diagram Channel
Base Width
± .010″
Leg Height
± .010″
Visible Trim
Wire Fill
Size Range
4 .190″ .195″ 0.5″ .003″-.008″
5 .210” .250” 0.625” .003”-.010”
7 .300” .315” 0.75” .003”-.020”
8 .335” .375” 0.75” .003”-.026”
10 .385” .480” 1.0” .003”-.026”
12 .430” .565” 1.0″ .003”-.026”

Channel base material options for stainless steel brush strip lengths include:

  • Galvanized Steel – most economical
  • Stainless Steel – resists corrosion
  • Brass – low electrical resistance (available for channel sizes 5 and 7 only)
  • Aluminum – resists corrosion, lightweight

Stainless Steel Strip BrushA brush strip filled with stainless steel wire can be used as a brush seal on a piece of equipment. A strip brush seal is a flexible shield against mist, dust, light, heat, or intrusion into a point of operation. When mounted on equipment to contact a conveyed product, stainless steel strip brushes can function as a product hold-down, a static reduction device, a detector of holes in insulating coatings, an applicator of wet or dry coatings or a duster to remove loose material. Mounted on a conveyor line, a stainless steel strip brush can redirect or stabilize your moving product or sweep away loose debris.

Wire brushes made from stainless steel wire are suitable for work on stainless steel and aluminum fabricated products, for use in direct food-contact applications, and in higher heat situations than appropriate for a steel wire strip brush. Stainless wire strip brushes are also ideal in environments where the brush wire may be exposed to moisture or high humidity on a repeated basis. We feature 304 Stainless Steel wire to offer a higher analysis wire to customers working on either 302 0r 304 stainless work pieces.

Stainless steel wire is generally recommended for continuous operating temperatures up to 600°F. Temperatures above this level call for a more specialized wire such as Inconel (600).

The following types of Stainless Steel wire are available to build brush seals and strip brushes:

Wire Type Designation Description Size Range
304 Stainless: Crimped Our Standard Stainless Wire; High Fatigue, Hard Drawn, Non-magnetic 0.0035″ through 0.0204″ diameter
316 Stainless A Premium Stainless for Special Situations; Hard Drawn, Non-magnetic Stocked in 0.006″ and 0.008″ diameters. Other sizes on special order.

mixed material strip brushWe can mix materials to accomplish multiple functions, such as nylon and fine stainless steel wire. We can insert other materials, such as thin metal foil, Teflon® fabric, or EPDM rubber sheeting, into the center of a strip brush to provide a solid barrier in addition to the brushing action. We will work with you to design and provide the exact brush required for each application challenge.

Spiral Brush also offers a variety of strip brush holders in sizes to fit whatever size strip you select.

Strip Brush Holder Styles:

Strip Brush Holder Vertical
Strip Brush Holder Vertical

Strip Brush Holder Horizontal

Double Channel Strip Brush Holder


Stainless Steel Strip
Brush Holder
Stainless Steel Channel Clip
Stainless Steel Channel Clip
and Steel Channel Clip

Learn More About Stainless Steel Strip Brushes

Have questions about replacing worn stainless steel strip brushes or have a new need? Interested in receiving a quote, or need help specifying a stainless steel brush seal? Contact Spiral Brushes to learn which stainless steel wire strip brush options are best suited for your specific application.