Polypropylene Brushes

Polypropylene filled brushes are suitable for a range of applications from aggressive scrubbing to light dusting, depending on the brush type, filament size, and trim length selected. Brushes filled with polypropylene filament are particularly useful in conditions of high moisture where the maintenance of consistent stiffness is desired. Such applications include water-based part washing, fruit and vegetable washing, and brush seals exposed to wash down or environmental conditions.

Polypropylene fill material is available in most brush styles, including wheel brush, cup brush, end brush, cylinder brush, and strip brush.

Polypropylene offers good chemical resistance to acids and many solvents, with the exception of trichlorethylene hydrocarbons, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, and camphor.

Polypropylene begins to soften appreciably 225°F and melts at 330°F, significantly lower than Nylon or Polyester.

Polypropylene brush fill material is available in stock in the following sizes and formats:

Format Color
.006 Crimped Natural
.008 Crimped Natural
.0120 Crimped Natural
.0140 Crimped Natural
.0180 Crimped Black or Natural
.0204 Crimped Black
.022 Crimped Natural
.036 Crimped Black
.040 Level Black


Other sizes and formats in the range from 0.006″ through 0.108″ are available on special order, subject to minimums and lead-time requirements.